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Employee Leasing PEO Services

Employee leasing is a contractual agreement in which the leasing company, otherwise known as a professional employer organization, becomes the official employer. Employment responsibilities are usually shared between the leasing company and a business owner (in this case, you).

You Retain Essential Management

With employee leasing, you retain management control over the work that your employees will be performing. The leasing company takes responsibility for things like wage reporting and employment taxes. Your main responsibility is to write a check to the leasing company to handle payroll, taxes, benefits, and other administrative fees. The PEO will be able to take care of the rest. Leasing takes away some of the administrative complexities, as leasing firms take care of compliances with all regulations, payroll, insurance, claims processing, and other forms.

Minimizing Your Exposure To Risk and Liability

M & M Insurance Inc is qualified to manage payroll, tax withholding, and other services related to this. Significant resources are devoted to helping you manage the risk and achieve your goals. This means better employee morale, fewer work injuries, less downtime, and lower costs. An average small business would have trouble holding up against a six-or-seven-figure judgment. Even winning a lawsuit can be costly. Count on us to help minimize exposure to risk and liability.